Winds Behind The Willows

By Damian Ranjan Mellawa

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Winds Behind The Willows is a memoir of a life in love with cricket. A journey spanning five eventful decades, covering all great moments of Sri Lankan cricket across eleven countries and uniquely through six World Cup finals. With its fair share of thrills and spills that are not in the public domain, including some interesting encounters with famous cricketers, the book provides an insight into Sri Lanka’s pre-Test days, followed by a firsthand account of its troubled latter-day cricket administration. It shares the rich life lessons learnt and the skills acquired, emphasising that cricket is a greater story than told by any scorecard. The book also describes the evolution of the author’s wife into that of a cricket widow, purely because of the joy it gave him, as an avid fan.


Winds Behind The Willows was awarded the “Best Sports Publication & Author of the Year” at the SLT SILK Sports Awards in 2017. It was also shortlisted at the State Literary Awards 2018 under the category of “Varied Subjects – Humanities”.


Winds Behind The Willows has been approved by the Ministry of Education as a suitable book for use in school libraries.


This unique book is offered with a novelty gift – a bookmark embedded with genuine grass trimmings from the hallowed turf at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, the ‘Home of Cricket’.

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