The Moonlight’s Still the Same

By V. S. Srikantha

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Three outstanding friends and the exceptional women in their lives are forced to cope with the joys and sorrows of love, against the backdrop of Sri Lanka’s civil war.

SUNIL, a Buddhist, loves AYESHA, a Muslim, he meets on campus. They are forced to break it off because of family obligations. Heartbroken, they move on. SANDHYA meets Sunil four years after his breakup with Ayesha. They get married and have two children. Ayesha remains single and pursues a highly successful career abroad. Years later, in a serendipitous turn of events, she runs into Sunil when they both attend the same residential course . . .

ANTON is devastated by the death of his childhood sweetheart CHRISTINE in her mid-teens and mourns her death for many years. Later, he meets OLIVIA. They fall in love, marry, and have a son. Decades later, a stunningly unanticipated happening connected to Christine, hits him like a thunderbolt . . .

Olivia discovers that Anton had an affair while on an overseas career posting. This while she remained in Colombo. He explains the reason was loneliness and that he truly loves her. Yet, she feels betrayed . . .

RAVI is unlucky in love until he meets PRIYA, with a secret from her youth. She tries to share it with him, but he responds that the past isn’t important. They marry and have two daughters. Priya finally reveals to Ravi the secret she has been harboring throughout their marriage. She now fears that Ravi is taking time to contemplate their future since he views her differently . . .

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