Do you believe that a book can change your life?
In 2015, Nishan De Silva (Chief Bookaholic) accidentally landed on a book called The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. This book led him to start a blog. That blog led him to start an online bookshop.
That bookshop is called Jump Books.
So what do you think now? Do you think a book can change your life?
We definitely think so.
We are on a mission to bring down the world’s best books that can change your life. Sorry, Fifty Shades of Grey is not in that list!
Our book collection is curated by a Bookaholic who is ready to eat books if that’ll change his life. That’s how much we believe in the power of books.
We don’t have a huge collection but we can guarantee you that any book you buy from us will change your life.
Even if you’re starting your own business, having a hard time in your relationship, trying hard to be more productive or simply have no idea what to do with your life, we can assure you that one of our books can help you. 
P.S. One more thing before we forget. We do FREE delivery island wide (usually within 2-4 days)
P.P.S. Our customers love us. We’re not even kidding!
P.P.P.S. We also believe that bookmarks can change your life too. You’ll know what we mean when you buy your first book.
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Nishan De Silva

Nishan is the founder of Jump Books.
And no, we are not related.

Anusha Silva

Anusha Silva
Marketing Ninja

Anusha is the designer and creative behind our social media.