Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery charges for orders from your online store?

We don’t charge anything for delivery. Delivery is completely free at our online store.

Which payment methods are accepted in the online store?

We accept VISA Mastercard and all the popular payment methods. Also we have Direct Bank Transfer and Cash-On-Delivery too

Do you have a stock in Sri Lanka?

Yes we do. We have our own inventory of books in Sri Lanka. That’s why our customers love purchasing from us. We deliver books as soon as you order from us.

How long will delivery take?

If the book is available in our inventory, we can deliver it within 3 days. If it isn’t available, we can deliver it withing 2 weeks.

Don’t worry. We will remind you as soon as the book arrives.

Do you have a book shop?

No we don’t have a physical store. We are purely online.