I’m In a Circle

By Avisha Rasminda

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What do you think about the life we live in every day and racing like cars and sometimes more than rockets of ourselves going on and around to make some pennies out of our life?

Did you ever I mean ever stop and think about why the hell on earth we keep digging into what we at or why we keep remaining ourselves to trouble?

This is about the whole new direction of your life and my life describing the conflict and hate, love with each other to narrow the people into the great path.

There’s nothing built up to greatness within the blink of an eye, therefore, one has to plant the seed in the mind of about the time, times takes to grow in every possible way.

Hope everyone who is willing to see into this will find out the remarkable thing for the rest of their life.

The book is entirely based on life and the various things attached to life and it keeps describing the human condition and consumption of thoughts and way of living by trying to give out a remarkable light to each individual to find the light out of the dark.

The importance of this book to readers can be mentioned as they will get a chance to know the deep true personalities of the people who live on, the secrets of life, and how it will affect everyone what we do and how to improve your self utilizing the environment around you finally how to find it as a light to life to find a road to the beautiful destination we’re looking for.

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