Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

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Practical lessons from the iconic book by Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Success seems to come easy for some people. Without too much apparent effort, they manage to live in luxurious homes, send their children to the best schools, drive fancy cars, travel around the world and still have enough resources available to help others.

Are they any brighter or better educated than you? Do they work any harder than you do? DO they sacrifice their lives to earn a living? No!

What is the secret of their success, then?

Many years ago, a young journalist, Napoleon Hill, spent 25 years interviewing over 500 millionaires and more importantly, undertaking 25,000 case studies on people who had failed, in order to unlock the secret formula to success and reveal it to the world. The product of his vision and efforts was the iconic book – Think and Grow Rich, which has since sold over 15 million copies worldwide, inspiring and guiding millions of readers and world leaders and helping shape the world in which we live.

In this edition, you learn how to acquire that state of mind which will attract riches. It distills the principles presented in Think and Grow Rich and presents them in an easier, more accessible format. The content is enhanced with additional practical advice and presents the success stories in a separate section of each chapter, where they serve to illustrate the principles revealed in each step.

This book will help you to better understand Napoleon Hill’s formula for success and apply it in practice, which is sure to bring you success in all aspects of your life.

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