If Love Series by Ana Huang Collection (4 Books)

By Ana Huang

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Titles in this Set:
If We Ever Meet Again
If the Sun Never Sets
If Love Finds Us
If the Storm Ends

Book 1: “If We Ever Meet Again” introduces readers to Mia and Nicholas, two individuals who cross paths unexpectedly after their lives were torn apart years ago. As they confront their past and the mistakes that led to their separation, they must decide if they can overcome their pain and find a way to rebuild their relationship.

Book 2: “If the Sun Never Sets” follows Lily, a talented violinist, and Will, a reclusive artist. When Lily’s dreams of a career in music are shattered, she finds solace and inspiration in Will’s paintings. As they embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative expression, their connection deepens, leading to profound transformations in their lives.

Book 3: “If Love Finds Us” introduces Ava, a successful architect, and Ely, a charming musician. Both carrying emotional scars from their pasts, they are hesitant to open themselves up to love. However, as they navigate their careers and face unexpected challenges, they discover that sometimes love finds a way to heal even the deepest wounds.

Book 4: “If the Storm Ends” centers around Noah, a talented photographer haunted by his past, and Natalie, a driven lawyer determined to make a difference. Drawn to each other, they embark on a passionate and tumultuous relationship. As they confront their own demons and navigate the complexities of love, they must decide if their connection is strong enough to weather any storm.

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