The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set (3 Books)

By Suzanne Collins

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‘Hunger Games Movie Tie in Collectors Edition Box Set? is a trilogy which is all set to take the reader in a maze of power, dominance, hunger and consistent fight of survival. Suzanne Collins successfully narrates how taste of power and addiction to assert it over others can take a person to any extent and how in the end, it gives birth to a mass rebel. Story of starved and hunger stricken population and their struggle to fight the hunger captures the attention of the reader.

Totalitarian regime of Panem has been created after the destruction of North America. Various districts of the regime are ruled by one major district called Capitol. This district happens to be highly affluent and a powerful one. Leader, President Snow of this district does not shy away in asserting his power and dominance on other poor people of the country. Savouring the taste of power, status and luxury, he goes down to the lowest level of inhuman activities.

Except Capitol, all the other 12 districts of the regime are poor and lack the basic amenities like food, shelter and clothes. Capitol arranges an annual event called Hunger Games with a sole motive of cherishing their superiority over poor and deplorable districts of the nation. In this event, citizens have to fight till death takes them away. District who wins in the end gets enormous supply of food, clothes, money and other things which makes the life much easier.

Participants of the Hunger Game are selected through a lottery. This trilogy is the journey of Katniss Evergreen who decides to participate in the competition in place of her sister who had been selected through the lottery. This book chronicles her journey from a contestant of the game to one of the major participants in the rebel against Capitol.

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