The Complete Sherlock Holmes

By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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A collection of entire body of work of the Sherlock Holmes Series by Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Complete Sherlock Holmes: All 4 Novels and 56 Short Stories’ was published way back on October 1, 1986 by RHUS (Deluxe Edition). Since the complete works were published, the collection has only become more popular and has run into several editions after that. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular series in crime fiction.

All the stories and novels in this book are centered around the famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes and how he solved even the most difficult cases with his remarkable observation techniques, reasoning abilities, towering intellect and knowledge of forensic science.

Many times, he even had to disguise himself to get to the underlying truth. Although most of his stories are narrated by his friend and biographer Dr. Watson, two had been narrated by Holmes himself while two other stories had been written in third person.

Often referred to as an ‘eccentric’ and ‘Bohemian’ by his friend Dr. Watson due to his inability to keep up with his personal hygiene and cleanliness, Holmes is known for trashing myths at a time when modern technologies were still a distant dream.

The novels in this collection are The Valley of Fear, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sign of Four and A Study in Scarlet. The 56 stories have been divided into five books: the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the Return of Sherlock Holmes, the Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes and His Last Bow.

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