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Combat Procrastination

This book, ‘Eat That Frog’ is one of the most influential self-help books in the world. It contains essays that motivate and influence the readers to avoid procrastination. Time management also happens to be an important part of the book. The chapters in the book have been given in such a manner that they will not consume excess of your time. The book has proven to be effective and helpful to many people who wanted to see a positive change in their life. The 21 chapters of the book are so designed that they make the reader want to utilize his or her time in a more efficient manner which ultimately leads to combating procrastination.

The Mark Twain Principle

The title of the book ‘Eat That Frog’ comes from a quote by Mark Twain in which he said “Eat a live frog the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” The book uses this technique in a more refined and subtle manner wherein the author tells the readers to do the most undesirable things in the morning first so that the rest of the day seems better by all means. The book also employs the Pareto principle which states that 80% of the results come as a result of 20% causes.

Best Selling book with effective techniques

This book has turned out to be a best seller as it has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. It has also been translated in 25 different languages. The book has 21 chapters with 21 vivid techniques of time management that can help the readers substantially.

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