COVID - 1 9 Delivery Changes

Delivery charges

Ever since we started, we have always delivered books free of charge throughout Sri Lanka. 

But due to COVID-19, our delivery company has almost doubled its delivery charges (to cover extra health precautions).

This has increased our operating costs and we are not in a position to offer free delivery anymore. We have introduced a flat rate of Rs.150 as delivery charges throughout Sri Lanka. (We wouldn’t have done is if we had another solution)

This is only until we pass this storm. Once everything is back on track, we will revise our Free delivery policy. Until that, we hope you’d understand the situation and corporate with us as usual.

Stay safe and happy reading! 

– Nishan De Silva (Chief Jumper)

Delivery instructions

Our delivery company is following all the safety precautions that are recommended by the Government. They will deliver your order to your doorstep. Please follow the instructions below.

  • Delivery agent will call you before delivery. If you don’t answer, they will not visit your place (this is to avoid unnecessary interactions).
  • If you get a call from an unknown number, it can be from our delivery agent. Make sure to answer your phone.
  • Our delivery company will attempt only once (they attempted 3 times before COVID-19). Try to get it delivered from the first attempt itself (because pays for delivery even if the attempt is failed so do your best to get it delivered from the first go.)
  • If you’ve selected Cash-on-delivery, make sure to have the exact amount with you.

Delivery locations

Currently we have started delivering throughout Sri Lanka. Delivery will take 4-5 days but sometimes there can be further delays.

Delivery is not happening in several Red Zones in few districts. Following are those few cities.

Red zones in Galle – Udugama,Wanduramba

Red zones in Rathnapura – Ayagama,Kiriella,wewalwatta,palabaddala,ginimale,belihuloya,pinnawala,weligepola,pallebadda,rakwana,ranwala,wathurawa,waddagalla,kukulegaga,thapaswarakanda

Red zones in Kurunegala – Mahawa Ambanpola,galgamuwa,Alawwa,Polpithigama

Red zones in Kandy – Akurana,Ududumbara,Patha dumbara,Digana,Hasalaka,Ankumbura,Hatharaliyadda,Hunnasgiriya,Galaha,Udunuwara,Theldeniya,Gonawala,,Alawathugoa

Red zones in Dompe – Urapola

Red zones in Gampaha – Kalagedihena,Thihariya,Bollatha

Please be patient with your orders and we are doing out best to get them to you as soon as possible.